TLC Membership

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Business description

What do we do?
TLC provides a highly cost-effective nightclub concierge service for its members. TLC Members are issued with a Clubcard which grants complimentary entry to all of London’s best nightclubs before midnight.

How does it work?
Either: TLC organises guest lists for members at all partner clubs. Once on the list members need just show their card at the door.
Or: Many of our partner clubs accept TLC Clubcards without members having to pre-book. That means members simple turn up before midnight, no guest-list required! (See individual club listings on benefits page for details)

2. Privacy Policy

What do we do?
TLC is built upon word of mouth recommendation. As a result client privacy and trust between TLC and our members is of the greatest importance. However to become a TLC member and use our service we do require you to enter personal and financial details. The section below sets out why we collect this information and how we use it.

Your Financial Details
We do not store any financial details. TLC operates at merchant level 4 for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. We protect all data via our maintained firewall, up-to-date AVG virus software and unique office Ids for each person with computer access. Data is password-protected and only the Account Manager has physical access to cardholder data. We regularly test security systems and operate and maintain a policy that addresses information security.

Your Subscription Details
We collect your name, address, date of birth, mobile phone number, email address, details on how you found out about us, your favourite holiday destination and your preferred club. Communication details are collected in order to be able to post your Clubcard to you, along with any other tickets or products you may subsequently purchase from TLC. Mobile phones are recorded in order to be able to contact you for general concierge communication e.g. guest list confirmation or when your membership is up for renewal (renewals are non-automated). Emails are collected because TLC is primarily an online business. TLC contacts its members with all member news – mainly new offers and new invitations via email. To unsubscribe members need only reply with the instruction “unsubscribe” and they will be taken off the central mailing list. Your date of birth, holiday destination and preferred club are all collected in our effort to provide you with the best possible service by getting to know our members a little better so that we can effectively serve their individual interests and demands. Information on how you found TLC is required for internal marketing and helps us understand how our product is being used and communicated.

Information Sharing
In accordance with the Data Protection Act (1988) we are required to inform you how we use your stored information. TLC does not share any database information with any third parties. Members of TLC can request their information be altered or removed at anytime.

TLC operates a password protected network database. AVG security software operates on all network computers to safeguard against corruption, theft, misuse or loss of data.

Customer Communication
Members may opt out of future communications by emailing Member Services ( with the written instruction “unsubscribe”. Any non-email communication can similarly be discontinued – the customer must simply outline their request via email or phone. Customers can use the same lines of communication to update or alter their stored information at anytime.